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Friends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan Valley



Heritage Lottery Grant Success

Treffry Viaduct and Luxulyan Valley is set for Major Conservation Works following a £3.6 m. National Lottery boost. The spectacular 19th century viaduct will generate power through a new hydroelectric turbine.

After years of work to secure funds, the Heritage Lottery Grant was awarded to Cornwall Council, in partnership with Cornwall Heritage Trust. It will be used to restore and conserve the valley's physical and natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

Luxulyan Valley is part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site. It has a complex system of leats (artificial water channels), which connected central Cornwall's tin and copper mines with the harbours of Par and Charlestown. The National Lottery Money will be used to repair two of the leats including the leat running through the spectacular 19th century viaduct, which has been leaking so badly in recent years.

The viaduct is an imposing granite structure which carries the Carmears leat and tramway high above the valley floor. At 27 metres high, over 200 metres long with 10 equal span arches, it is an amazing feat of engineering and the most spectacular surviving monument to the horse-drawn tramway era for which the valley is renowned.

The funding will also help nature conservation by implementing a Woodland Management Plan to improve biodiversity. Volunteers will help, footpaths will be improved, and the valley will be promoted with the help of Friends of Luxulyan Valley, and a permanent exhibition at Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum.

Cornwall Council will fund a separate hydro-electric turbine at Ponts Mill using water from the restored leat system. The electricity generated will be sold to the national grid, and this in turn, will fund the ongoing conservation of the valley.

We look forward once more,  to seeing water flowing freely in the leats and wheel pit, enhancing the natural beauty and heritage of the valley, for the benefit of locals and visitors alike.





The illegal use of motorcycles and fly-tipping in the valley are growing problems. Please have a look at the special 'Motorcycles etc.' page.



Organisers of group events in The Valley, especially those involving ten or more people, may find it useful to read the information in our 'Group Events' page.