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The water that would normally drop into the Wheelpit is provided via a 1½ km leat that starts at the far side of the Treffry Viaduct. Sadly in recent years the Treffry Viaduct/Aqueduct has developed a number of serious leaks, but despite several attempts to remedy these, it has become clear that this piecemeal approach has failed. The Viaduct is a Scheduled Monument and damage caused by continual leaking water has raised concerns over its structural integrity. This has necessitated Cornwall Heritage Trust (CHT), the owners of the Viaduct, to insist that no water is allowed to flow across it until a more permanent engineered solution is found. Consequently the leat is also dry (apart from any field runoff after rainfall), and so there is no water to feed the Wheelpit.


CHT and Cornwall Council have recently applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a large grant to enable these essential repairs to be carried out on the Viaduct, the leats and other areas within the Luxulyan Valley. However, even if their application is successful repairs are unlikely to commence before 2017.


The Fowey Consols, or lower, leat that flows past the bottom of the Wheelpit does still have some water in it, but changes are necessary at the leat’s ‘take-off’ point at Gatty’s to satisfy the latest Environment Agencies Water Abstraction Licence conditions. It is hoped that these alterations can be achieved by spring 2015, and so allow more water to enter the leat that will in turn allow a greater amount of Green Energy to be produced by the Hydro-electric turbine at Ponts Mill.


We share your disappointment over the lack of water in the leat system, but trust you will still enjoy your visit to the Luxulyan Valley.






Future work parties will appear here when arrangements are made.  Come back here for information.


Next Work Party: Wednesday 5 April 10am- 3pm .

Meet Black Hill Car Park (SX 058 573)


See the "Work Parties" page for more details



The illegal use of motorcycles and fly-tipping in the valley are growing problems. Please have a look at the special 'Motorcycles etc.' page.



Organisers of group events in The Valley, especially those involving ten or more people, may find it useful to read the information in our 'Group Events' page.