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Friends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan Valley



Footpath improvements complete 


The much needed conservation work and refurbishment of this important access link between the Treffry Viaduct and the Wheelpit was completed in September 2012.

This horse drawn Tramway was built by Joseph Treffry around 1840 as part of his grand plan to create a trans-peninsular tramway between Par and Newquay. The main traffic was granite, china clay, coal and lime between Ponts Mill and Molinnis (Bugle). There were also branches constructed to Carbeans, Colcerrow and in 1855 to the Cairns quarries at Golden Point (all now on private land). The last section of tramway to remain in use, from Carbeans Quarry over the viaduct to Luxulyan station, was removed in 1940. Following the extensive refurbishment of the tramway between the viaduct and the Wheelpit most of the granite setts, some chairs and two lengths of rail from the original tramway were revealed and remain in situ.

Improvements to Higher Tramway

This project was commissioned by The Friends of Luxulyan Valley. Cornwall Council’s Environment Service created the project brief and provided liaison. Funding for the project was provided by The Friends of Luxulyan Valley, the China Clay Local Action Group (Local Action for Rural Communities Programme), Cornwall Heritage Trust, St Blaise Parish Council and Councillor Sally Bain (Community Chest funds).

As the tramway lies within the World Heritage Site, archaeological advice was sought. This archaeological work was carried out and managed by the Historic Environment Projects, Cornwall Council. Thanks are also due to the site team (of John Sandoe and Sons) for their information and help on site.

Updated 9th November 2012