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Friends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan ValleyFriends Of Luxulyan Valley



The Luxulyan Valley is a public open space and is therefore free for the enjoyment of all.

However, there have occasionally been events in the past, organised by various bodies, which have attracted large numbers of people and have caused problems particularly with car parking and access.  Both the main car parks at Black Hill and Ponts Mill have limited parking facilities and are approached by narrow lanes and are therefore very difficult or impossible to access by large vehicles such as touring coaches.  Large numbers of smaller vehicles can also cause problems and obstruction.  Those responsible for the management of the valley have very often been unaware beforehand.  The possibility of clashes of similar events is always present and could cause extreme difficulties.

The Friends of Luxulyan Valley has neither the power nor the desire to restrict such activities, but are keen to offer help in any way we can, particularly in respect of access. We can also help by trying to ensure that large events do not clash or co-incide with any planned maintenance work that could cause further restrictions.  Please use the ‘Contacts’ page to contact us by e.mail.

Organisers can help themselves by regularly visiting this website and checking dates and times of our events.  They can also consult the ‘Countryside Events Diary’ issued twice a year by Cornwall Council which gives information on a large number of events. There is also information on Cornwall Council’s own website or by telephone to the relevant department.

CORMAC are the contractors who maintain and steward the Valley on behalf of Cornwall Council and can also offer advice to organisers.  They can be contacted on  0300 1234 202.

We hope that, by adopting the above suggestions, organisers and participants of events can all have an enjoyable and successful event without disruption of anyone’s enjoyment.