Otter Surveys

The Friends of Luxulyan Valley's Otter Spotters Group continues to gain more information about the Otter movements in the Valley. We know they are there from the many signs that have been reported, but to get a more accurate picture we have organised monthly ‘Otter Spotter’ weekends.

The Valley’s river and leat system has been divided up into small sections, each of which is surveyed over one weekend by our ‘Spotters’, at a time that suits them, and should take no longer than a couple of hours. The group may then have a follow up meeting if deemed useful or necessary, at a venue to be arranged, to discuss and view their findings. As part of the survey, we also undertake water quality surveys on behalf of the West Country Rivers Trust.  




If you would like to help us and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust to gather more information about these beautiful creatures or take part in the Citizen Science programme, please contact us via the contact form