The Valley

We encourage you to learn about the Valley and read about its history, both recent and ancient. In addition, we invite you to plan your visit using our interactive map and attend our events. 

History and conservation

People have been shaping this country since before the time of Christ. Near the valley, in the grounds of Prideaux, is a hill-fort at least 2,000 years old. There appear to have been dwellings in the valley in mediaeval times; the woodland was managed by coppicing and, in the valley bottom, one can see remains of the stone walls of small fields or paddocks.

Visiting the Valley

The Valley is open to visitors every day of the year with limited free parking. Alternatively it can be reached on foot from Luxulyan Village or St Blazey where there is also access to public transport. We have created an interactive map to help you understand the beauty and heritage of the Luxulyan Valley.