Luxulyan Valley Conservation Management Plan (CMP)


The Conservation Management Plan was produced during 2011 to provide policy recommendations to maintain and enhance the significance of The Luxulyan Valley by means of informed management. The policies address the main issues that have been identified in respect of the conservation and retention of assets of both a heritage and nature interest.

A site of such complexity with many overlapping values is fully explored in the CMP. The conservation needs of the Valley’s heritage assets are balanced with its tranquil natural environment, whilst providing opportunities for the involvement and education of the public.

The CMP was commissioned by Cornwall Council and Cornwall Heritage Trust and prepared by URS Scott Wilson. It is split into three documents.

Download the plan

The report in sections may be viewed, in PDF format,  by clicking on the links below.

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  • Text - (2MB) This looks at all the issues, provides recommendations and policy recommendations.
  • Illustrations - (3MB) A series of maps of the Luxulyan Valley.
  • Gazetteer - (6MB) A list of the primary assets identified during the field survey.